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Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability insurance is the key to protecting yourself from unexpected financial loss arising from circumstances beyond your control. Let us help you discover what sort of coverage your policy must provide for your optimal protection.


Established as a full service insurance brokerage and consulting firm in 1987, Resurgens Risk Management specializes in employee benefits, financial products, commercial property, liability insurance, and surety bonds.



Unforeseeable events such as a slip and fall, a fender-bender on the way to work, or sudden water damage at home or at a business are more common than many people realize. It is important to know that one can rely on their insurance policy for protection.



As an independent insurance agency, Resurgens Risk Management Inc. helps clients find insurance solutions tailored to individual needs. Resurgens draws from a vast pool of personal, property and commercial insurance policies.



We invite our clients to explore our comprehensive consulting services and get to know our competent and friendly staff. Our mission is to assist our clients with their insurance and consulting needs. Whether developing an employee benefits program, providing protection against catastrophic losses, building a retirement plan, or creating an education plan, Resurgens Risk Management can assist clients and prospective clients in meeting stated insurance and financial goals.



RRM’s professional staff has a mutual objective to build relationships.  Our formula for reaching the goals and objectives of our clients is simple.  We strive to make every contact with existing and prospective clients a positive experience.  At Resurgens Risk Management we believe that integrity starts with honest and principled professionals who work hard individually and as a team to find the right solutions – not merely those that are the most convenient.



As simple as it may sound, we listen to and stay in contact with our clients so we can better anticipate problems before they occur.  We put the interests of our clients and prospects first. 

Everyone knows that an accident or illness can take place in the blink of an eye. The financial consequences of either can be far-reaching and devastating. Quite often prohibitive medical bills are the result. In the worst cases disability can be the victim’s fate. 



Resurgens Risk Management understands that basic insurance coverage may not be adequate to meet the need created by either scenario described above.  A quality insurance company understands the client’slife goals and provides the quality of service to support those goals.  Therefore, when a crisis strikes, the client can expect a full recovery because the insurance company knows what that means for the client. It is imperative that an independent broker have relationships with the nation’s leading insurance companies so that the broadest array of insurance policies, coverages, and rates are available to meet that need.



Our knowledgeable and efficient specialists make the personal insurance needs of our clients their top priority.  Employing the latest technology, we can match quickly client needs with the best solution.  At Resurgens, the best solution is always providing insurance products that give our client peace of mind.



Resurgens operates on the belief that buying insurance should be simple and straight-forward. It is our job to make sure that our clients’ insurance policies are easy to understand. Getting superior service should be the rule and not the exception.  Our clients can always count on Resurgens Risk Management to offer the best protection and value for their needs.

Commercial Property Insurance


Fire, storm, water damage — your commercial real estate is vulnerable to many risks. We will help you determine your coverage requirements.


Overview of commercial insurance policies









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